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Tiburon Smart Shift Reels SST 7530 Limited
Update date : 2012-04-06 01:22:05

Tiburon Smart Shift Reels
SST 7530 Limited Signature series

Smart Shift Tiburon fishing reels represent a breakthrough in saltwater fishing reel technology. Tiburon saltwater fishing reels feature a patented transmission that shifts gears automatically in response to the pulling pressure of a hooked fish. When a fish pulls, the Smart Shift® reel senses this pressure and automatically shifts to low gear for increased cranking power.  When a fish turns towards you, or clears the water, the Smart Shift® instantly shifts into high gear to retrieve line quickly! 2-speed big game reels will never be the same.

Experience the world of an automatic shifting, lever drag reel.  Avoid tossed hooks and line-wrapped fish with Tiburon’s Smart Shift® baitcasting reels. Boat your fish faster and with more control, using a Smart Shift® saltwater reel, you’ll see the benefits at the gunnel. Feel the difference a state-of-the-art baitcasting reel makes to your fishing game!
Tiburon's Smart Shift® trolling reels are manufactured to precision tolerances using marine and aerospace grade proven materials and are fully warranted for quality and satisfaction. 

Smart Shift baitcasting reels come standard with the patented and proven T-Bar™ reel handle. T-Bar™ reel handles give you maximum power and unmatched comfort through their unique and ergonomically correct design.

Smart Shift reels are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, Delrin, Rulon and Nylon – all of which are corrosion proof or corrosion resistant. Unlike any other machined aluminum saltwater fishing reel on the market today, many of the critical aluminum parts in Tiburon fishing reels are commercially hard anodized for maximum wear and corrosion resistance.

Smart Shift  reels are equipped with these impressive features:
Patented Smart Shift Automatic 2-Speed Transmission 
Patented T-Bar Fighting Handle 
6 Precision Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 
Shift Point Adjustment System 
High Torque Lever Drag System 
Reusable / Reversible Drag Element 
Zero Resistance Free Spool 
Quick and Easy Spool Change-Ability 
Right and Left Side Service Access 
Convertible Lug and Plug System 
Hard Anodized Work / Wear Parts


Model No. Weight Stainless
Mono Capacity
Yards Of Line
Line Retrieve
(High / Low)
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SST 7530 LTD 23 oz. 6 5.9:1 2.8:1 450/15,
42" / 20"
20,520 THB
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